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Jack Li

August 2019

I’ve been bringing my child here since she has been 9 months old. She used to go to one of those institutions that were heavily advertised and looked great. But that was a very bad choice because she would get sick every two or three weeks and when I would pick her up she would look extremely dirty and uncared for.
Bringing my child to Angelas Daycare has been a blessing. Every day she is fed home made food and fresh fruits and her illnesses has decreased significantly. She has met all her milestones and learn skills that I did not even know she was being taught. Every day she would surprise me with new things.
She is a little bit over two years old and already knows all her alphabets and her numbers.

To any of the parents who are deciding if they want to bring their kid here, you do not need to look any further. She will care for your kids as one of her own. My kid always says “I love you” to her before she leaves. That’s all the confirmation I need.

I am a family physician who work in a underserved area. I’m tuned into finding people/places that are troubled. Please ignore the negative reviews. I talk with the other parents who come here and they all love the daycare also.

-Physician and loving father


Rebecca Williams

February 2019

I can't say enough good things about this daycare! Angela loves what she does and she shows it. She cares for the children as if they were her own kids. The food is homemade, always smells great! My son eats better there than he does at home. The development I have seen in my son over the years has been incredible - from singing/dancing to learning his numbers and colors and letters. Knowing that my son enjoys seeing his daycare teacher and his friends makes leaving him there so much easier.I definitely recommend Angela's Daycare to anyone who is looking for a safe and caring and warm environment.


Peter Kotch

May 2019

Angela's Daycare is the best place for kids to grow. My son begs to come to daycare every morning. He is a picky eater and he only eats Mrs.Angela's food, she always makes home made meals such as chicken vegetable soup and oatmeal and rice with chicken and vegetables. Mrs.Angela teaches the children rhymes and poems for each season. Every Friday I receive a packet of worksheets and projects that the children complete during the week. Mrs. Angela really loves and cares for each child like her own. I would absolutely recommend this daycare to everyone.

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